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Greeting Cards, Invitations, & other smaller prints

Greeting Cards and invitations are the most popular product in this area. We also offer bookmars and gift tags as another creative option. They come in different sizes as well as different paper types.

Besides the standard type print, you can choose from art and pearl. The art paper type is an old textured style paper and the pearl paper type is a glossy reflective style. The pearl looks like someone crushed a pearl and sprinkled in all over the card. It is an awesome new style with the art as a vintaged old style. So if you want old, standard, or something new we got your covered.

Cards Sets of 25
Size Style call for pricing information
4x5.5 Flat 2 sides
4x5.5 Folded 4 sides
5x7 Flat 2 sides
5x7 Folded 4 sides
4x5.5 Accordian folds three times, 8 sides (4 front & back)
5x5 Trifold 6 sides
5x7 Wide 4 sides (folds out wide not tall)
Bookmarks Each Each
Size Style 50 100+
2x8.25 Flat $2.00 $1.35
Gift Tags Each Each
Size Style 50 100+
2x8.25 Folded $2.00 $1.35