BS in Psychology

A lot of people are surprised to find out that I have a BS in Psychology and am now in love with photography.

All around it suits me best. I enjoyed psychology for helping me understand how to better relate to others. I enjoy photography because I really love being creative.

I also love the others aspects of the business. I love math, so I enjoy the bookkeeping and strategizing of planning and marketing.

I really enjoy being alone and I really enjoy being with people so it works out well. I go shoot portraits with people and then I go home and sit alone to edit them.

Just a snippet about me. See ya soon!

chad photo


Lake Charles Photography Studio

The Touch Studios is located near Lake Charles, Louisiana in Moss Bluff. It is a cutting edge, professional, digital photography studio that strives to create the best images in any category, whether it is children, family, bridal, wedding, modeling, senior or any other type of photography. It is our passion to get the best images possible for each and every client.

We enjoy Senior Portraits the most because of their excitement and creativity. Family Portraits and Children's Portraits are exciting because I know the special memories that are being made. Engagement Portraits are sweet because of the fresh new love you can see in each of their eyes. Bridal Portraits are beyond beautiful because of the shine the bride puts off getting in her dress. Wedding Portraits are special frozen moments in time for the glowing couple.

Chad Smith is the owner and photographer. He has a combined experience of design and photography of 8 years. He moved to the Lake Charles area where he studied at McNeese State University. Originally he is from Mittie, LA. Mittie is well known for its canoeing businesses located near the Whiskey Chitto River.

What is our style of photography...

Simply put, our style of photography is your style. We enjoy every style and photo effect (collage, grunge, vintage, sepia, black and white, high key, fun and natural, photojournalistic, soft focus, artistic, fashionable, glamorous, cute, posed, non-posed, with props, withouth props, etc.). We make the style fit the person and not the person fit the style.

Call us to discuss your idea so we can help create the portrait that you are looking for.

What we photograph...

The Touch Studios shoots children, families, high school seniors, models, brides, weddings, landscapes, nature, commerical, etc. You name and we shoot it. Most shooting is done with a 20 gauge shotgun, but occasionally we must resort to a missle launcher to take care of the dredded Bridezilla. Just kidding...........

Bridezilla is indestructable! Research is still being done on how to handle the effects of the Bridezilla.

Where we photograph...

We shoot most everything outdoors on location. We have our favorite photography locations around the Lake Charles, Louisiana area, but we love to travel to new locations. We have been asked to travel to New Orleans, Houston, and Alexandria.

We have recently begun shooting indoors. The in studio shots offer a whole different style!

When we photograph...

The best time for outdoor photography is around 8:00am to 10:00am or in the evening about 2 hours before dark, which in Louisiana is anywhere from 3-5pm to 5-7pm. Obviously good times for indoor studio photography is any time when we are open. The times vary a little according to the season. We shoot every day of the week but Saturday and Sunday are our most demanded shoots, so they cost more than the other days.